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Disastershock Global Response Team
Ambassador Program

The Disastershock Global Response Team Ambassador Program is designed to give high school students from around the world an opportunity to participate as interns in the Disastershock Global Response Team (DGRT).

The Disastershock Global Response Team is an international humanitarian relief organization dedicated to providing coping resources to children and families affected by disaster-related stress.We are an all volunteer organization with members from 20 different countries.When a disaster – whether natural or human caused - occurs, our goal is to provide practical resources on how to cope with disaster-related stress for persons affected. Because children are particularly affected by disaster, we seek effective ways to bring resources to parents and schools so that children can be helped.

The Disastershock Global Response Team is a Special Interest Group of the Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling, which is sponsored by the Institute for School-Based Family Counseling, a 501C3 California not-for profit charity. We are a secular, non-sectarian, non-political organization. We are a global humanitarian disaster relief organization.

DGRT Ambassadors are high school volunteers who, with parent permission, contribute 1-3 hours a week during a single 4 month period (September - December; January - April; May - August). The internship is primarily a virtual internship conducted through the internet (through zoom meetings, email exchange, and internet research).


Intern activities include:

  • Attending monthly general DGRT meetings on zoom

  • Participating in smaller zoom work teams such as : Educator Collaboration Team, Tip Sheets Team, Arts & Recovery Team, Facebook Team, Research Team

  • Assisting in distributing free DGRT stress-reduction resources through the internet to communities affected by disaster

  • Developing internet resources for the Disastershock website (e.g. resources for making schools more resilient and better prepared to deal with disaster)

  • Collaborating on zoom with high school student interns from other countries

High School intern supervision is provided by Program Coordinator Eileen Klima, MA, LMFT in weekly zoom meetings.  For further information about the Disastershock Global Response Team Ambassador Program please feel free to contact Eileen Klima ( or DGRT Co-Directors Brian Gerrard, PhD ( and Sue Linville Shaffer, EdD (

Check out the video below to learn more about the work our Global Ambassadors are doing! 

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