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Healing the Trauma of Disastershock


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“Patchwork Globe”; 12x12; Mixed Media; Artist_ Bridget Steed

The Disastershock Global Response Team is an international humanitarian relief organization dedicated to providing free psychological first aid to children and families affected by disaster-related stress.


We are an all volunteer organization with members from 15 different countries.

We recognize the incredible amount of loss and human suffering occurring in many parts of the world right now. Disastershock is dedicated to embodying compassion, empathy and solidarity with and for our fellow human beings. The suffering of one is the suffering of all and we are committed to our mission to help alleviate pain and suffering regardless of race, religion, country, class, political orientation, ability, ethnicity, sexual and gender orientation or socioeconomic status.

When a disaster – whether natural or human caused - occurs, our goal is to provide practical social and emotional healing tools and resources in numerous languages on how to cope with disaster-related stress for all persons affected. Because children are particularly affected by disaster, we seek effective ways to bring resources to parents and schools so that children can be helped.


The Disastershock Global Response Team is a Special Interest Group of the Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling, which is sponsored by the Institute for School-Based Family Counseling.

We are the Disastershock Global Response Team

Our Mission statement:


What else does our global response team have to offer?

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Arts & Recovery Section

Our arts and healing resources explore a path of wellness and wellbeing through the arts and explains how creativity heals.


Ambassador Program

High school students gain valuable experience and provide useful contributions through our Ambassador Program.


Healing Resources

Here, we share helpful articles and videos to assist adults and children in coping with stress and trauma.

“Brain Box”; Chalk Pastel on Paper; Artist_ Anonymous

lecture series

Monthly or bi-monlthy, we host a lecture on healing from Disastershock by an international expert.

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Tip Sheets 

Our tip sheets are free, downloadable reference guides for the classroom, home, or office.

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Meet our team

Who is behind Disastershock? Meet our all-volunteer team from 27 different countries!

Now Available! 

new book inspired by the work of the disastershock global response team:

School-Based Family Counseling for Crisis and Disaster
Global Perspectives

Click here to learn more

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Our Disastershock Manual is a free resource for families & communities:

Part 1: Describes ten effective methods to be used to reduce stress

Part 2: Describes 12 stress reduction methods to be used with children

Part 3: Contains internet resources


Click on the link below to download this practical resource for parents and adults to help children cope with disaster-related stress.

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Our Disastershock Manual for principals & teachers is a free resource that can be used in schools:

Teachers and principals play an important role in helping students cope with a major disaster. This manual has been written expressly for school personnel and includes:


*How principals can promote communication & connection during a disaster

*How teachers can use the expressive arts to help students cope and more!

Learn More About Disastershock: How to Cope With The Emotional Stress of a Major Disaster from Dr. Brian Gerrard and Dr. Sibnath Deb

Praise for Disastershock

“This book (manual) is brilliant in its clarity and simplicity, with easy to follow evidence-based procedures on how parents can immediately help their child/children facing a major disaster."

TERESITA A. JOSE, Ph.D., R. Psych.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"A must-have resource for disaster management agencies, workers and victims of natural and human catastrophes. A compact manual, it provides practical information for mental and emotional recuperation to cope with the aftermath of life-threatening events and situations."

Associate Professor: Curriculum Studies University Distinguished Teacher School of Education
University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Hear from Disastershock Co-Founder & Colleagues

Dr. Suzanne Giraudo, co-author of Disastershock, discusses common stress responses of children to the pandemic and effective ways parents can help.

Health and Wellness Educator, Nicole Lamb, and Maryellen Mullin, LMFT, Founder of San Francisco Family Therapy, and Board Member of the Center for Child & Family Development, Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley discuss practical tips on how to resolve conflict with teens during the pandemic.

The Disastershock Global Response Team is a Special Interest Group of the Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling, which is sponsored by the Institute for School-Based Family Counseling.

The Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling 

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The Institute for School-Based Family Counseling 

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