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Thank you to the organizations that have assisted us

The following organizations have partnered with Disastershock to help advance our mission:

International School of Prague .png
School Social Work.Net .png
Providence Anglican Church .jpeg
The First Russian Ukrainian Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida .png
edcamp Unkraine.png
The Orchard Human Services, Inc., University of Warsaw.jpeg
San Francisco Government TV.png
Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, California .png
Caritas Macau.png
Student Wellbeing & Prevention of Violence (SWAPv) Flinders University .png
Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam .png
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy .png
CA Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.png
Kara Grief Support for Children, Teens, Families & Adults .jpeg
Klitschko Foundation .png
Human Dignity and Humillation Studies .jpeg
University of Ibadan Department of Sociology .png
USF Center for Child and Family Development .jpeg
The Centre for the Study of Resilience.webp
The Catholic University of Eastern Africa .png
Department of Social Work and Social Administration; The University of Hong Kong.png
AmericanInternationalSchoolofBucharest .png
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