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Meet the Global Response Team Ambassadors

ambassador program Team Lead:
Eileen Klima, MA, LMFT 

Eileen Klima_edited.jpg

Ambassador program
Zimbabwe, africa 
team coordinator:

gertrude baera

Annie Duong Thi Ngoc Anh

Alifia Ilwi Agusty

Shekinah Bvunzawabaya

Anicia Hui-Lin Chen 陳惠玲

Lucy Dieker
Samantha Gaiera
Linden Koshland
Zarielle Lis

Kai Macdonald
Avery Meadows

Nokutenda Mnangagwa
Julia Morav

Stephanie Mubayiwa
Taylor Nada

Mololuwa Olapegba

Ssu-Yu Pan 潘思瑜

Crystal Pasipamire
Giselle Schaening
Simone Starbird
Willow Talbott
Harmony Tryon
Tara Vivrett
Talia Vivrett
Ava White

Current & Former Student Ambassadors:

Ambassador program
Arcata High school, california

team co-lead:

Judith fraser

Ambassador program
team coordina
Garry Ming-Kuo Hung 洪銘國

Check out these videos about the Ambassador Team's latest feeding programs  in the Philippines:

A message from DGRT Ambassador Team member and Feeding Program Sponsor, Zarielle Lis:

"The devastating fire in the regions of Pulong Bukid, Brgy, Caingin and Santa Rosa, Laguna left many people in rural regions without access to food, running water and shelter. Numerous children were unable to attend school and were instead placed in temporary tents. The food drive played a crucial role in providing essential supplies to those who were left with nothing, alleviating their fears and uncertainty. This is precisely why the DisasterShock program was immensely beneficial in these regions. By providing stress tip sheets in the Tagalog language, along with other resources, we were able to assist children and their families in learning effective coping mechanisms for dealing with stress."

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