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Each month we will be hosting a lecture on healing from Disastershock by an international expert.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Then and Now

     February 20, 2020   9-10 am PST (USA)

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Nemia with peacock used in therapy with children. Talking with an animal is often easier than talking with an adult for a child who's experienced abuse.

Toni Nemia, MS, LMFT, LPC

Executive Director

Center for Child and Family Development

School Based Family Counseling

Western Institute for Social Research

In a 1997 landmark research study between Kaiser Permanente--San Diego, CA--and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention--Atlanta, GA--with 35,000 middle class individuals, the concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) was born.  Originally focusing on obesity, weight loss and regain, co-researchers, Drs. Vincent Felitti and Robert Anda, learned that many medical conditions were in fact connected to significant childhood traumatic experiences.  Since then their work, the advent of ACES, and the by product of toxic stress has reshaped the fields of medicine, mental health, public health and policy, law, and legislation.  Ever growing in the United States of America, the awareness of ACES as a public health crisis has also taken hold internationally.

TONI NEMIA. Executive Director of the Center for Child and Family Development, School Based Family Counseling. MS, Counseling Psychology-Marriage & Family Therapy, San Francisco State University, 1987. MA, Literacy-Secondary Education, San Francisco State University, 1976. BA, English major, Anthropology minor, University of California, Berkeley, 1970. As the Executive Director of the Center for Child and Family Development, School Based Family Counseling, Toni has her hand in clinical and program aspects of this training program.  Outside of that role, she has a small sliding fee private practice in San Francisco where she sees clients. As an outside supervisor, she also works with Master’s level clinicians who are working toward MFT, PCC, and Social Work licensing primarily with a school-based emphasis.  She has a 40+ year history with the San Francisco Unified School District, first as a high school reading specialist, then as a licensed MFT when she segued into school based mental health with a joyous leap.  Supervision is a current passion.  She is a member of the Institute for School Based Family.  She can’t go a day without reading and longs for enough time to reengage with her micropetitpoint.  Toni identifies as cisgender.  As a multi-racial Jew, she is committed to anti-racist work and knows full well how much privilege she has been afforded. 

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