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Inclusive Arts


"Inclusive Arts", sometimes referred to as, "Disability Arts", is work made for or by disabled artists, often in collaboration with non-disabled artists. In this collaboration, all participating artists are equals. This work includes any form of expressive arts--visual art, music, dance/movement, drama/theater and poetry/writing. Sometimes, but not always, the work itself is about disability. Inclusive Art celebrates our differences and recognizes the contributions of disabled people--valuing inclusivity, representation, diversity, and accessibility.


It is incredibly important that the arts are available to everyone and that everyone is represented in the art they are exposed to. Seeing artists with disabilities on stage not only allows us the chance to view disability in a new light, but also more accurately represents humanity, providing us with a richer and more realistic experience of the world. We are not all the same and art should reflect that. 

Adaptive Arts

Adaptive Art is a field that focuses primarily on adapting art tools, media and techniques to meet the needs of students who have difficulties with traditional means of artistic expression due to disabilities or other challenges. Adapting art tools to make them accessible to each individual, rather than forcing students with special needs to rely on the help of others, allows them to create their art independently and express themselves in a more authentic way. For students with physical challenges who struggle with fine motor skills, adapting art tools, such as building up drawing tools for a wider hand grasp or adjusting paint brushes to make them easier to hold, gives them the opportunity to experience art making on their own. 

Please check back soon for more information on Inclusive & Adaptive Arts! 

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