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            ARTS ADVOCATES 

"The Disastershock Arts & Recovery series offers illuminating and deeply felt presentations, which show

why expressive arts therapies generate healing for both individual trauma and community catastrophes."
Dr. Karen Seeley, Ph.D., LCSW
Psychotherapist, Lecturer in Anthropology, Columbia University

"The Disastershock Reporter's Notebook is such a necessary resource in the 21st century. When you think about all the multiple traumas that cut across cultures and regions - mass shootings, natural disasters, pandemics - it becomes clear that people need holistic approaches to access recovery and resilience. These expressive arts remind survivors that they have value and that engaging in things like music therapy, dance, and holistic arts can reconnect them to communities to which trauma may have convinced them they no longer belong. I plan to start including this in my recommendations to clients who have experienced trauma." Kip Thompson, Ph.D., Clinical-Community Psychologist, CEO of Thompson Psychological Services, PLLC

"The Disastershock Arts & Recovery series showcases the beautiful power and potential of using music therapy to effectively engage diverse individuals across the lifespan in a way that is intuitive, inspiring, and effective. The embodied examples and approaches discussed in episode #3 truly speak to the limitless potential for music therapy as a transformational therapeutic tool which can serve to bridge the gaps where words and other modalities fall short." - Eva Bilik., LCSW,  Integrative Psychotherapist

"The expressive arts are a powerful resource to help communities process and cope after a crisis. As a clinical psychotherapist, I felt moved by Dr. Reji Mathew's impactful series and believe these discussions will foster a sense of social connection and support essential for greater mental health recovery." Lindsay Liben, LCSW founder of Liben Psychotherapy

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