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Contributed by 
Julie Norton






BodyMap is a useful activity to explore and illustrate feelings (both emotions and sensations) that show up in our bodies.


Creating a "Body Map of Feelings" is a way to increase of awareness about emotions and sensations; it can be used to facilitate a conversation about feelings, and how and where we hold them in our body.


Creating a body map of feelings is simple and powerful. By slowing down to really notice what sensations and emotions are experienced in the body and creating something that captures those emotions and sensations, it can be a satisfying and supportive experience. 

Note: If someone has body image issues or a history of complex medical procedures, please use caution when approaching this activity. 

Life-sized variation: 

It can be powerful to do this as a life-sized activity. If you have access to chalk or butcher paper, this can be done a variety of ways. One way is to pair up with two people, where each person traces the other. Once their body is traced, individuals identify the areas of their body where they may be experiencing or holding feelings.

Group variation:

Start by brainstorming a list of emotions, as well as feelings and sensations. Explain how sometimes our body stores memories. Ask the group to write down or say aloud one or two feelings they are aware of now. 

Expressive Arts and Recovery

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