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The Power of Words—by Emilia Suviala

The Power of Words

Words are therapeutic.

We use words in our daily communication to keep things rolling, but also, in a deeper sense, we use them to build emotional bonds, to understand ourselves and others.

Scientific studies have shown that reading and writing have diverse health benefits. While reading, we can make sense of our experiences by recognizing our emotions, thoughts, and experiences. When writing, we can process our inner worlds by making it visible.

With the help of words we can travel to distant places. We can enhance our empathy by reading and understanding others’ point of views.

By reading we can internalize new information. But more than that, words carry deep emotional messages which go beyond our rational mind.

Fiction, poetry, and new, creative ways to use language have a lot of hidden potential. This potential lies “between words”. Words as an art can give rise to new meanings that no single word or sentence is capable of describing. These meanings can be universal in a way that they describe fundamental feelings of being human, but the meanings can include more personal aspects too that resonate with our unique histories.

Words can bring us insights and new perspectives. Words can surprise us and bring up aspects of life that we have never thought of before. Humour is a good way to shake things up in a gentle way. It gives us the possibility to see the world with fresh eyes. Laughter gives us permission to process our experiences from a safe distance.

Words have a great potential to heal us.

If we just let them to come close, be our vessel, and carry us to new realities.

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