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Activities to Promote Children's Development

Often during a disaster, to be safe it is important to have everyone stay at home. This is particularly so during a pandemic such as the coronavirus pandemic. Parents are often at a loss as to how to help their children deal with boredom and the inability to go outside. Karen Wood Peyton has written a useful book called: Families on the Home Front: Activities to encourage your child’s development and growth during a pandemic. The book is available free on Amazon. This book contains over 100 activities you can do with your children.


The book is divided into 9 sections:

Social Activities Around the Home (e.g. Have a family game night; Have a family costume party).

Gross Motor Activities Around the House (e.g. have a family scavenger hunt; Have a family workout).

Fine Motor Activities Around the House (e.g. Play Board Games; Play with Blocks).

Fun Food Activities (e.g. Do a Blind Taste Test; Host an International Dinner Night).

Learning Time (e.g. Organize a Show and Tell; Go to the “Museum”).

Lights, Camera, Action! (e.g. Do a Talent Show; Watch Old Home Movies).

Make and Create Activities (e.g. Build a Fort; Make and Illustrate a Book).

Outdoor Activities (e.g. Collect Leaves; Play Freeze Tag).

Self-Care Activities (e.g. Nutrition; Hygiene; Sleep).


Family on the Home Front.jpg

The advantage of engaging in these activities is that many of them involve the entire family in doing something that is fun and educational and a distraction from stress.

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